Creative ways for these 3 industries to use USB Drives for Promotions


USB drives are used in a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. USB drives offer much more than just their technical capabilities, the drives can be used for promotional purposes. Unlike other promotional items, USB drives tend to serve a more practical purpose than a simple giveaway.

For example, companies may hand out mugs or pens as a promotional product with customized designs that reflect their brand by featuring logos, company names, text and/or graphics. Instead, these companies can offer promotional USB drives preloaded with promotional content of information including documents, images and videos. USB drives are one of the most effective promotional items for almost any company.

Here are creative ways to take advantage of USB drives as a promotional item for three major sectors.


Customized USB drives can be used as part of a welcome package or orientation day giveaway. USB drives have ample storage capacity for welcome letters, student handbooks and other important school policy information that is easily accessible. This preloaded data can be transferred to a computer or another device for quick reference by the student. USB drives also provides students with a quality branded USB drive that promotes the educational institution. 

Music and Entertainment

USB drives can be used to store exclusive content including a sneak peek of your music, video clips or e-books. A new release on a USB can be distributed for income or promotion in the form of a single or a full album. USB drives can also be worn as a wristband by fans at a launch, concert or meet-and-greets. We can help you put a hip, contemporary design on your USB to best represent your image.


Photographers can impress their clients by using USB drives as business cards and to store precious memories and timeless images for their clients. Photographers can print their logo and design, contact details, website link, social link and their own portfolios on the USB Business Card. This USB card will take their networking to a new level and facilitate referrals. The photographer will also display a professional image via the USB Business Card.

We have only listed three industries above, the list of businesses and government sectors that we service is enormous.  We have over 50 stock USB drive varieties and we can also custom make your very own USB drive.

Contact us and we will use our 20 years of experience to get you the promotional USB drives that you need to get your business to the next level.

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