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Wholesale USB offers almost every possible service and support for you “A” grade USB drive. We offer everything from data uploading, packaging to data locking so no one can access your loaded files. Surprisingly these additional features usually add very little to your overall purchase price. Our ranges of services includes:

Data uploading

Simply email us your file/s if they are 8 MB or less otherwise use any of the numerous data uploading websites available and we will load these files for you, the process is easy. Our preference for file transfer is wetransfer.com, it is easy to use.


Data Locking

Data locking allows you to have your USB drives locked so no one can access the files that we preloaded onto these drives for you. Your files are safe forever.

Password Protection

We can allow you to issue a password for each USB drive. If we preload files on the USB for you this password will allow editing access to the files for the people that you disclose the password to only.


Printing Methods

We offer screen printing, full colour UV and engraving. The majority of our orders require pantone colour matching to ensure colour consistency with your corporate colours, pre-existing logo, web site and/or stationary. You may wish to consider engraving, engraving adds that touch of class to the USB appearance. Engraving is used mostly with photographic studios although this print method is also popular for special occasions including weddings.


We have an entire page dedicated to USB packing options our packaging options are extensive. A USB package allows the receiver to feel gifted rather than the receiver of an item that is given for practical purposes only. Is the USB packaging an option for you? Want to strengthen that connection with your customers by giving them something a little special?


Same Day Turnaround

Like many other industries we definitely have our share of valued customers who must have their USB drives NOW. We have these customers covered. We have a standard turnaround that is fast but we also have another option that can get the USB drives out to you the same day. We cannot offer the full USB drive selection as an option for this service so please call us on 1300 664 439 or email urgent@wholesaleusb.com.au to find out what we have available and to get your USB drives out today if required.

Variable printing

We offer variable printing on each USB including both sequential eg 1, 2, 3… or non-sequential data from a data file such as Microsoft Excel. You can print apartment or member numbers, peoples names, the options are unlimited.


Design Assistance

Our Designer has been with us for 8 years, 13 years total design experience. If you have that low resolution logo that needs to be touched up or recreated or you need a high resolution design from scratch or expert advice to maximize the appearance to give your USB drive an impactful, attractive appearance, we definitely have you covered.


Autorun is a great feature for the appropriate usage, namely promotions. Your customer will simply enter USB drive into the USB port and the document or video will run on their screen automatically, no clicking. Nice right !!! We actually use this feature ourselves for our own promotions. Great for promotional videos and catalogues to display and promote your goods and services.

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