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Are you wondering how to make your branding efforts more enthralling without spending a vast fortune? Have you ever thought about handing out custom USB drives at marketing events or conventions?

Visit Wholesale USB – a leading supplier of custom printed USB drives online. We bring you an exciting collection of promotional USB drives at wholesale prices. Our compact and sleek wooden USB drives are affordable, long-lasting and offer great value for your money.

Besides representing your brand, these lightweight USB drives are sturdy, reliable and easily fit in your pocket or wallet. Our collection of classic wooden USB drives is made from sustainable materials.

Order Custom Classic Wooden USB in Bulk

If you want to use it as a giveaway at some marketing event or corporate gifts, we can place a bulk order for custom printed classic wooden USB flash drives at an economical price. We pay keen attention to the overall design; our modern and minimalist wooden USB drives are great for creating a powerful impression.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Bulk orders of a minimum of 25 USB drives.
  • Free express delivery across Australia
  • Free and easy setup
  • Available sizes – 32MB To 128 GB
  • 6 Years Warranty on all USB drives
  • Huge catalogue of USB drives
  • Excellent data locking capability to ensure data security

Are you interested in buying a bulk quantity of classic wooden USB drives across Australia? Contact Wholesale USB for more information.

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