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Combine the fun of slap bracelets with the functionality of USB flash drives – Check out a vast collection of custom wristband USB drives online. These promotional wristband USBs feature a unique design that easily fits any wrist, making it an unforgettable corporate gift. The full-length brandable area makes it possible to print the company logo or brand message. These smartly designed USB drives are easy to use. Store them in your pocket or wallet or tie it around the wrist – it is so easy to carry them around.

Data security is a matter of great concern, and our USB drives ensure data protection. Wholesale USB allows you to assign a password for each USB drive. When we preload files on the USB, the password will allow editing access to the files for authorised people. Our USB sticks are lightweight and portable – making them a popular choice for corporate gifts and promotional merchandise.

Order Custom Wristband USB in Bulk

Our experienced designers work closely with you to recreate a pre-existing low-resolution company logo to build stronger brand recognition.

We Offer the Following Solutions:

  • Hassle-free and quick delivery across Australia
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Available sizes – 32MB To 128 GB
  • Vast selection of USB presentation cases and holders
  • Extended warranty of 6 Years on all USB drives
  • Exclusive catalogue of USB drives made from different materials to
  • Our USB drives have a data locking capability to ensure complete data security

Are you interested in buying a bulk quantity of wristband USB drives in Australia? Contact Wholesale USB for more information.

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