Wood USB Drives as an Environmentally Friendly Option


Wood as a Sustainable Material

Popular wood-based materials for USB drives include Bamboo and Maple, both materials are abundant and highly renewable. It is both responsible and good business to promote sustainable USB drive materials.

How Do Wood USB Drives Help the Environment

Both Maple and Bamboo are sustainable. Maple trees grow in abundance and are easily harvested in a sustainable way. Bamboo can grow to full size in 3 to 4 months rather than 30 years for most other trees, this speed of growth allows Bamboo to be highly sustainable. In addition, Bamboo does not require pesticides or chemicals during growth and harvesting.

Wooden USB Properties

The most attractive features of the wooden USB drives is the appearance/presentation and the portability.  Each wooden USB user knows that they have a USB drive that is like no other, the grain texture and appearance is different for every USB drive and the colour can also have a slightly different shade. The presentation of Wooden USB drives is also very unique, when the user receives this drive it truly has the appearance of a gift, engraving can also add that tough of class.  Wooden USB drives are also compact and lightweight, they are highly mobile.

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