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USB Drives for the Healthcare Industry

Customised USB Drives for the Healthcare Industry

With global the healthcare industry undergoing constant transformation, medical centres cannot afford serious security data breaches. Data breaches can be very costly and affect the confidence that your patience patients, associates and regulators have in your establishment.

For a long time, medical data was recorded and stored on paper. However, with technological advancements healthcare professionals have upgraded to digital record-keeping and data storage. If you are in the medical field including imaging and you are looking for a handy, portable and easy-to-use data storage device, contact Wholesale USB.

We have an extensive range of wholesale USB drives designed and manufactured especially for healthcare professionals.  The Healthcare sector is amongst are largest client base.

Extensive Collection of Custom Printed USB Drives

You get great pricing with a 6 year warranty for our durable, lightweight and slim flash drives at Wholesale USB. We are a highly recognizable supplier of promotional USB drives. We offer high-quality products. Our USB drives are perfect for storing critical personal medical information, medications and every type of imaging including MRIs and x-rays.

These small flash drives offer a secure and a compact storage system which makes it easy to retrieve and access crucial medical data in an emergency. From medical imaging centres to diagnostic facilities, these USB drives are an excellent source of data storage for all medical records in a centralised location.

Easy to Carry USB Drives for Healthcare Professionals

Our USB drives allow patients and medical practitioners to carry the appropriate medical information anywhere. At Wholesale USB, we have a customised collection of waterproof and biohazard safe USB flash drives. You do not need to worry about the data becoming unreadable or corrupt. Additionally, a portable USB drive enables healthcare professionals to download their patient’s full medical history hassle free.

Do You Own a Medical Imaging Centre? – Discover a Range of Wholesale USB Flash Drives

Storing a patient’s crucial radiology information has been a pressing problem for many radiologists. Physical copies are susceptible to exposure and damage which can destroy the appearance of the medical visual display. Moreover, it is not feasible for the patients to bring these copies every time they visit the radiologists.

Tech-savvy radiologists can transfer the medical imaging data to a portable device with our USB flash drives. Here are some of the benefits of our USB flash drives for radiologists:

  • Compact size and amazing Storage Capacity – the USB flash drives are portable devices with a full range of storage capacity. Our USB drives are available in sizes ranging from 32MB to 128GB.
  • Excellent Transfer Speed and Easy Accessibility.
  • A wonderful promotional tool – You can have your branding and contact details printed on the USB flash drives to promote your facility.

Tell Your Brand Story in Style – Check Our Promotional USB Drives the for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is evolving fast. It is becoming increasingly important for the stakeholders to gain a competitive advantage. Custom printed promotional USB drives will focus your promotional strategy. If you are interested in buying bulk promotional USB flash drives we have the best solution for you.

Our comprehensive collection of customised and unique USB drives is an excellent promotional tool. We use the latest printing technology to engrave or print your medical facility’s logo and/or address.

Here are some of the benefits of our USB flash drives for healthcare professionals:

  • Better brand cohesiveness
  • A memorable appearance
  • Custom printing and brand recognition
  • A positive return on investment

Digitising Medical Records – Check Our USB flash Drives for Doctors and Surgeons

It is a little naive to expect that digitising medical records will deem them secure. It is important to take a few extra steps to prevent data breaches and to maintain privacy. Cloud storage might be a good idea, but it is vulnerable to data hacking. Wholesale USB can offer you an exciting range of USB flash drives specifically designed for doctors, surgeons and other medical practitioners.

Our flash drives are more robust and portable compared to hard drives or CDs. Moreover, our USB drives are compatible with every type of computer.

Here are some of the benefits of our USB flash drives for doctors and surgeons:

  • Flash drives are less susceptible and vulnerable to damage from drop or shock.
  • Flash drives are more compact and easy to store in pockets, wallets or purses.
  • Flash drives can store data up to 128 GB.
  • USB flash drives can be used to backup hard disks.
  • USB flash drives are not damaged or corrupted in the same way as CDs or DVDs.
  • Additionally, our range of USB flash drives are an excellent primary storage device.
  • Since USB flash drives are plug and play, there is no need for any additional drivers.


Our Solutions Include:

  • Bulk orders of a USB drives, 100 minimum per order.
  • Free express delivery across Australia.
  • Free set up.
  • 6 Years Warranty on all USB drives.
  • Vast catalogue of USB drives available in different styles and colours
  • Excellent data locking capability to ensure data security


Are you interested in buying bulk USB drives? Contact Wholesale USB for more information.

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