USB Drives – Do they give me a business advantage?

USB Drives – Do they give me a business advantage ?

USB Drives

Also known as USB flash drives, pen drives, thumb drives, key drives or jump drives are USB sticks that provide external storage that includes a flash memory with an integrated USB interface.  We cannot imagine our lives without these technological devices in the digital world. 

The USB sticks are an innovative device for storing, transferring and sharing files, images and even programs. Wholesale USB, a renowned supplier of custom USB flash drives, offers standard plastic, plastic-alloy, wood, bamboo, aluminium and attractive lanyard USB drives. 

Let’s talk about how USB flash drives help us achieve our business goals:

Personalised USB Drives Boost Branding

Consistent with technological advancements, organisations demand custom-printed USB sticks as part of their branding and promotional activity. Choosing a promotional flash drive supplier who uses quality materials and offers a variety of customisation options is essential. At Wholesale USB, we supply an extensive range of personalised USB drives in various shapes and sizes to promote your brand. Our goal is to design and manufacture customised USB products to elevate your brand amongst your employees, customers and stakeholders at an affordable price. 

Promotional USB Drives Increase Sales

The USB drive has proven to be an excellent marketing medium for small or large companies and organisations. Moreover, even small or mid-sized companies are now using these compact USB drives with their brand design to promote their business to their existing and potential consumers. Our wide range of promo USB drives have a 6-year warranty. 

Our A-grade quality novelty flash USB drives are available in different shapes and sizes, including an aeroplane plastic, book plastic, dog-bone plastic USB drives and many more. The USB drives can also include quality custom printing and engraving for your promotional needs. At the same time, our alloy disc-shaped and pen-shaped branded USB drives are available from 32 MB to 128 GB capacity. 

USB Cards For Your Organisation

Promotional USB cards are one of the most accepted ways to introduce your organisation to potential  clients; there is no need to distribute souvenirs or flyers at trade show booths or other business meetings. Load the USB drives with all the required documents incorporating marketing materials including product catalogues, brochures and other digital files in our logo-printed USB cards. When the customers plug in your USB drive, once again they will see your company, learn about you and your goods and services.  A very effective way to brand your organisation. Additionally, these USB cards are less likely to be discarded or thrown out. 

Logo-printed USB Drives Can Help Advertise Your Business

A well-designed USB flash drive can become a topic of discussion and create your brand awareness among all your customers, co-workers, friends and family. With an experienced team of designers, we can help you create a logo from scratch or revamp the current logo with the required touch-ups. You can choose from our creative designs that fit in well with your business.  This is one of the most outstanding promotional opportunities to disperse your advertising message flawlessly. These USB drives will also boost your business visibility and retain customers. 

Vivid Coloured USB Drives for Gifting Purposes

Our worldwide clientele includes government bodies, educational institutions, photographers, small businesses and individuals.  We also guarantee our delivery date. Our experts will guide you in selecting the colour and printing options that comply with your promotional goals. We also have USB packaging options to offer. So why wait? Give our customised USB drives as the next corporate gift. 

If you require regular and long-term usage of branded USB sticks to promote your services or products with ample flexibility and options to choose from, contact us today at and book your order. 

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