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Things You Will Need in 2021 School Year


The rise of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the educational system dramatically. Student resources are being reimagined for the 2021 school year to ensure teaching and learning continue despite the pandemic. While making technology more accessible is an important goal, many students will not have access to any form of online learning during the pandemic. USB drives provide an immediate and practical solution to support learning offline.

Why USB?

All teaching and learning materials can be loaded onto USB Drives, from learning programs to homework assignments. Utilizing USB drives in education also reduce the usage of paper and ink which reduces costs to institutions and indirectly promotes an eco-friendly environment.

For Teachers

Teacher can store all their lecture notes, all their students’ assignments and check them anytime and anywhere. Teachers can also use it to store all the students information, no more flipping through hundreds of documents.

For Students

Students can load all of their reading material in a USB drives and access them conveniently at any time. Students can also use it to store their notes, presentations and assignments. Aside from providing benefits to teachers and students, USB drives can be used as part of an educational institution’s promotional strategy, USB drives make great giveaways.

Get your USB drives!

At Wholesale USB we understand that reliability and an impeccable presentation are essential to all our valued Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our largest customer base are Educational institutions. Our elegant USB drives are an excellent medium to present documents, information or memories to last a lifetime. You cannot be let down by an inferior product, that is why we only use the best material including “A” grade chips, never worry about failed file uploading/downloading or false capacities. With over 60 types of USB drives, we are sure to have you covered.

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*Capacity range starts at 32MB to 128GB

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