The Different Grades Of USB Drive Chips


What grade is your chip ? Most customers have no idea what that means yet it is probably the most important part of your purchase. You must understand that there are different grades of chips (the chipset) used in the manufacturing USB drives.You might hear the term USB Chip associate with USB drives but you are not sure what it is. Every USB drive has a memory chip that it uses to store data.

When you load documents, photos, videos, applications or anything else onto a USB drive, the drive stores it on the USB memory chip. USB Chips start their life on a silicon wafer and are cut from this wafer. Chips that are cut and do not pass quality control inspections are automatically discarded by the machine and these are the lower quality chip.


A grade chips are the first tier and the highest quality chip. You can identify A grade chips by the serial number and manufacturer’s name engrave on it. These chips have the lowest rate of error and have the fastest write and read speed. Due to the quality and reliability, the cost of USB drives that are using Grade A chips are normally higher than other grades and a warranty is usually included with the product.


B grade chips are the second tier of USB chips. B grade are similar to A grade chips. The reliability and lifespan are similar to A grade but B chips do not necessarily have the serial number and manufacturer name engraved on it. B grade is therefore usually sold at a lower price without a warranty in most cases.


C grade chips are the nest tier down from B. C grade chips have a 30% – 40% rate of failure and a much lower lifespan than A or B. C grade chips are made from the discarded wafer parts mentioned above and they can cause instability in the system, these chips are sold at a lower price.


Grade D chips are fake, although they are uncommon and hard to be find but there are some dishonest sellers who will sell USB drive using the D grade chips and even go as far as masking them with a serial number and an engraved manufacturer name, both are fake. D grade chips are often sold very cheaply and do not offer any kind of reputable warranty.

If you are planning to purchase USB drives ensure you make your purchase from a reputable supplier. Always enquire about the quality of the product and If a sales representative is hesitant it may be best to try another supplier. At Wholesale USB we provide the highest quality USB drives in the industry. We only use A grade chips for all of our products, we have a full 6-year warranty on all USB drives.

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