Just a Few of Your Promotional USB Choices

Did You Know Your Promotional USBs Drives Can Come In All These Shapes

Standing out is now easier than ever. Why continue to give decade-old gifts, give unique, witty, practical gifts, a smarter choice. USB drives have been the go-to choice for such branding and gifting opportunities. However, simply handing out classic USB drives with your logo printed  as promotional gifts may not be sufficient anymore.

Today, you need something different, look at our variety of USB drives with all sorts of shapes and sizes, we even have a wide range of novelty USB drives.  You cannot go wrong, we are bound to have the drives that will click with your customers.  

Here is a very short list of USB types that you can choose from to boost your brand awareness in your next promotional campaign:

Swivel USB

swivel-usbBefore heading considering an off-beat USB idea, let’s examine one of the proven shapes. If you take out one of your older USB drives, you have most likely have lost the cap. Swivel USBs are the answer to this problem. Swivel USB drives have a never-lose swivel cap, they also double up as fidget toys.  You can also opt for the wooden Swivel USB stick for eco-friendly promotional purposes.

Disc Shaped Promo USB Drives

Disc Shaped Promo USB DrivesWho can forget the Simpsons, Pokémon and Looney Tunes Tazo cards coming out of chip packets ? Discs present an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on minds.  Easy to handle, comfortable to hold and very pleasing to the eye.  We use advanced technology to print out your logo on the disc-shaped USB drives. Disc USB drives come in three different forms: A traditional plastic disc with hook, plastic disc with a slot and an eco wood disc.

Key-Shaped USBs

USB-Key-DriveWith Key-shaped customised USBs, losing your USBs will become something of the past. Attach these USB drives to your key ring, belt or pocket, they are handy and always with you. You no longer have to worry about losing that classic USB drive that is distributed  in bulk.  In comparison, a USB drive attached to your set of keys is bound to be with you virtually forever.

Promotional USB Business Card


Visitor and business cards always have a plethora of information stored on them. Imagine a USB Business card, unlike a paper or plastic card, no one will think twice about trashing your plastic or alloy USB business card.  The USB receiver will always be remined of you for many years down the track, not just for a few seconds.  Plastic and alloy USB cards are excellent promotional instrument a terrific branding tool.

Wristband USBs

wristband-pricingUtilitarian devices have been slapped onto our wrists to make them more accessible. From watches to smart devices, even kids love toys they can wear around their wrist. Wristband USB drives pair up this unique accessibility with a USB to make vital information readily accessible to you at any instant. Wristband USBs give a fun spin to your promotional USB drives

Bottle opener USB drive

Bottle opener USB driveBottle openers are essential at all parties, gatherings or a quiet one at home. A USB bottle opener can travel through almost all hands during a single event, excellent marketing potential.  Brand your very own bottle opener USB drive and create an unforgettable gift for your employees or customers. 

Standard Customised & 3D Printed USB Drives

Take your USB branding to the next level with a customised 3D USB Stick. 3D USB drives also come in various forms, some opening in two or three parts, some transforming from one shape to another. 

Alternatively, how about an industry specific or a novelty USB drive, we have you covered.  Anything from USB truck, tooth, plane, guitar, handbag shapes and much more to choose from.  Why not create your very own USB shape and design to suite your business. 

Ranging from 16 MB to 256 GB, these portable storage devices are here to stay.  Corporate gifts can create a significant impact if the products are practical with an emphatic brand.  Impress and secure potential customers with the various USB shapes and sizes at your disposal.  Get in touch with Wholesale USB, a leading provider of customised USB drives for your bulk order. Visit our website at https://wholesaleusb.com.au/ or give us a call at 1300 664 439

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