How do Promotional USB Drives Work to Market Business?

How do Promotional USB Drives Work to Market Business

Marketing is always about making your brand visible to people who connect with it most, be it your consumers or clients. But with the presence of so many brands and messages, who will stand out and how? It is all about finding a balance between usefulness, practicality, and uniqueness. That is why USB drives are becoming increasingly popular in the business market. 

Let’s take a quick dive here to understand why and how Wholesale USB’s range of promotional USB sticks help business owners use USB flash drives as a marketing tool. 

Why Use USB Drives for Marketing?

1. Affordable

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Flash drives are incredibly inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk at wholesale rates. As a result, they are an affordable marketing tool, leaving more budget for customisation. At Wholesale USB, we manufacture customised USB swivel drives, wood swivels and wood classics that are impressive to look at yet affordable.



2. Accessible

Classic-Plastic-Slider-Variation-3Most people have access to USB-powered devices. USB drives are now easier to use than CDs thanks to the broad phase-out of optical drives on PCs. Our USB drives can be USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 with a  capacity of 16 MB to 256 GB and can be plugged into desktops, laptops, or any other device.



3. Versatile

Bottle opener USB driveAnything can be stored on a USB flash drive, including PowerPoint presentations, applications, films, music and images. Plus, it is easy to find flash drives with a huge memory capacity that can fit your largest file size. Just load the USB drives with the necessary documents of our customised branded USB, so when the customer plugs in the device, they will learn about your brand’s products and services- an ideal way to promote your organisation.


4. Distinctive

Book-PlasticNumerous designs of promo USB drives are available in the market. Our USB flash drives come in various forms like wristbands, bottle openers, disc shapes and many more that are truly unique and have bespoke flash drives produced to your exact specifications. Additionally, our A-grade quality novelty flash USB drive shapes include aeroplane plastic, book plastic, and dog-bone plastic to attract the customer’s attention.


5. Gifting Option

Classic-Leather-Alloy-with-StrapPromotional USB flash drives can make an excellent gifting alternative. Unlike many other advertising mediums, gifted promotional USB flash drives have real value and are used over and over again. It will constantly remind customers or clients about your organisation and boost your business visibility, which is an excellent way to retain customers. 

Our Lanyard USB drives are of one such form that displays your brand name on the belt and can also be tied to the neck or in any other suitable way – an accessible and effective advertising tool to display your brand. While our range of customised logo-printed USB cards includes plastic cards, alloy cards, transparent cards, and wood cards they are further available in different colours with storage capacities from 32 MB to 128 GB.    

If you have decided to purchase our high-quality USB drives for your promotional event or would like to get to know more about your unique requirements, get in touch with Wholesale USB. All our USB drives have a full 6-year warranty and come in vivid colours and sizes to suit your needs. With a lot of flexibility and options to choose from, designing your own branded USB sticks with us is an easy task. Our experts will guide you in selecting the colour and printing options that go well with your promotional goals. We guarantee a delivery date for your orders.

Give our promotional USB drives a try and you will rest assured that your customer or client will not stop bragging about it, To check our latest collection, reach us at to select one of your requirements and book your order.

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