Customised USB Drives for Funeral Homes

Customised USB Drives for Funeral Homes

Life and loss are inevitable, we understand the devastation involved. Funeral home USB drives make it easy for love to be shared and memories of the loved one to live on. We offer custom USB drives with your own printed/engraved company branding or customized for any specific funeral event.  Honour the departed with dignified and professionally presented USB drives.

Wholesale USB is the leading name in the supply of reliable, low cost, professionally presented USB drives in Australia.  We provide standard plastic, plastic-alloy, wood, bamboo, key-shaped, alloy and lanyard USB drives.  Funeral homes are a significant customer base for our organization.

Custom Printed USB Drives

Preload these casket USB drives with images, stories and heartfelt messages of condolences. Mourners can share tributes to loved ones with friends and family.  A USB drive offers an opportunity to share so much more in a small package that lasts from generation to generation.

When funeral homes don’t offer live-stream services, family members can record the service and save it on our casket USB drives. A quick way to store tribute slideshows and videos.  At Wholesale USB we have a customised collection of robust coffin USB drives. You no longer need to worry about the data becoming unreadable or corrupt.

Benefits of Funeral Home USB Drives

Pay your respects in a distinctly personal way with our range of custom coffin USB drives. Our custom USB drives for funeral homes are a stand out item to honour the departed.  Reminisce when it appropriate for you, scroll through the USB content to remember and honour the departed.

Custom USB drives are ideal and convenient to store digital files, no longer burn CDs & DVDs. Coffin USB drives make it easier for families and even funeral homes to access, share and play tribute videos.

In these unprecedented pandemic times, families and friends are not always able to mourn via traditional funeral services where a physical presence was a must. With custom-printed coffin USB drives mourners will have easy access to files that family members can upload including obituary sites and social networks.

Our Solutions Include

  • Bulk orders of USB drives, 100 minimum per order
  • Free express delivery across Australia
  • Free set up
  • 6 Years Warranty on all USB drives
  • A vast catalogue of USB drives available in different styles and colours
  • Excellent data locking capability to ensure data security

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