Branded Gift For The New Year


Are you looking for a personalized and a unique New Year’s gift for your customers, business partners, or employees?

If the answer is YES, look no further, we are here to provide you with the highest quality USB drives in the industry from standard plastic, plastic-alloy, wood, bamboo, key shaped, aluminium to lanyard USB drives and much more. Our client base includes individuals and small businesses to high profile private, government and educational institutions. We can supply 50 to over 100,000 USB drives per order. The quality and appearance of our USB drives are sure to have a lasting impact on your customers.

Due to the small size of USB Drives, they can easily be transported around in a pocket, key chain or even worn around the neck just like regular necklaces or lanyards by your prospective clients, employees, or business partners. The technology advancements has made it possible for USB drives to present in virtually any shape and in a wide range of material. Many organizations fully understand the incredible marketing potential of these tiny yet powerful and useful devices. The popularity of USB drives has significantly grown over the past several years for marketing and many other purposes.

Why not use USB drives to deliver branded gifts for the New Year to your clients, employees and business partners?

Many savvy businesses are using them as giveaway items for holidays and for the New Year. More and more organizations are gifting USB drives to their key customers and to prospects, thus providing them with an immediate reminder of their organization every time they use the device to back up documents or transfer files. Providing your loyal and prospective customers with a custom USB drive offers an incredible marketing opportunity, enhancing your brand visibility and at the same time, offering them an item of real value which they will use repeatedly for a long time to come.

USB drives can be used not only as a corporate gift and a branded giveaway, you can also use the storage abilities of these small gadgets to reinforce your message. USB drives can be pre-loaded with promotional content, useful data, music, videos or other types of content that may increase brand awareness. The devices can be setup to load a specific website or auto-run a particular marketing message when plugged into a computer. Customers will be able to use the USB drives and store their documents and files alongside the pre-loaded content. Custom USB drives that hold pre-loaded presentations and messages offer companies the possibility to simultaneously deliver a branded item and a targeted message.

How to use USB Drives for Marketing this time of the year?

Educational institutions as an example, can utilize USB drives to provide upcoming required course materials and handbooks to students using USB drives that feature the school’s colours and mascot. Students will continue to use the USB drives for data transfer and storage throughout the school year. For the music industryMusicians, as another example, can deliver and promote new music via USB drives. You can also provide your upcoming gigs, events along with other promotional and informative material. For Retail Industry, USB Drives can be used to put in brochure/catalogue for their customer and links to additional web-based content.

If you are still not sure what style of custom USB drives are best suited to your particular industry or application, click here to see all the models we offer.

You can also call us on 1300-664-439 and our sales representatives will guide you through your custom, promotional USB selection.

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