Benefits of Customised USB sticks for Business Marketing

Benefits of Customised USB sticks for Business Marketing

With the continued advancement of technology wholesale bulk USB sticks have become even more relevant.  New advancements in data storage translate to higher-performing products which has enabled USB drives to remain an ideal data storage solution. 

Anyone can use a USB drive. In the past, not everyone was necessarily aware of what a USB was or the capabilities. This era has long since passed. Even children are now aware that we need to become more environmentally conscious and paper-free, promo USB sticks are a positive step in this direction.

Using the popularity of USB sticks to fulfil your marketing needs is now easier than ever. With the power of customisation, you can create a product that represents your business and caters to your requirements.

There are quite a number of benefits in using promotional USB sticks.

Cohesion of Brand

An experienced staff member will look into your brand identity, we will recreate the colours and proportions as accurately as possible according to your requirements. The logo-printed USB sticks retain all their functionality whilst boosting your business’s visibility.

USB drives are a great way to introduce and promote yourself, no longer do you need to distribute flyers or business cards.  Put all your marketing material on a customised USB drive. There is now less chance that your material will be discarded.  USB drives are also a great conversation starter in a face to face setting including trade show booths.


Any product branding or design can be displayed on a customised USB drive.  The most popular material for USB drives is plastic, plastic-alloy, alloy and rubberised PVC.  Your USB drives can be USB2.0 or the super-fast USB3.0 and range from a capacity of 16 MB to 256 GB.

Stand out, brand your USB drives with your own company name, slogan and/or logo, your branding is precious.  Your promotional USB drive should be like no other.  Our USB drives are available in a variety of sizes and forms, you can even create your own original classic USB shape and size.

Memorability and Exposure

A well-designed flash drive becomes a topic of conversation, your brand visibility and awareness is boosted to all recipients, co-workers, family and friends.  

Return on Investment

The reach of High-quality USB drives can be far and longer lasting.  Regular and long-term usage of branded USB sticks increases brand familiarity and awareness.  Electronic devices have a far higher perceived value than a cup or t-shirt or similar promotional products. 


The benefits are emphatic, invest in customised USB drives to promote your services or products, increase your brand awareness. USB drives are excellent gifts, you can be sure these gifts will be appreciated by all who receive them. With a lot of flexibility and options to choose, designing your own branded USB sticks is now an easy task.  Give our customized USB drives a try today and reap the benefits.

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