5 Unique Ways You Can Use a USB

5 Unique Ways You Can Use a USB

Each of us has a USB drive somewhere in our houses and offices. Although USB drives have become an indispensable part of the digital world, many people still underestimate the many functions of a flash drive.

The world has advanced from flash drives with around 1-2 MBs to USB drives that can store data to USB drives that have Terabyte storage capacity. If you think USB drives are just another storage device, here are a few unique and valuable ways to use that promo USB laying on your desk.

Apps Directly From The USB

Preloading data was a common practice with the distribution of CDs, however, preloading is not common with USB drives in regard to information and documents pertaining to product or company information.  This lack of preloading is why applications are rarely launched from USB drives.  It is very simple to execute and launch hundreds of applications directly from USB drives using a simple launcher application that can be downloaded online.

Next time you distribute logo-printed USB drives for your campaigns, consider the impact you could make on your visitors. A pre-loaded presentation with all your business details will influence the viewer compared to a blank flash drive.

Run an Alternate Operating System (OS)

Do you want to experiment with a new operating system without putting your system at risk ? Gone are the days when people used CDs for rebooting their entire PC set-up. You can now use an alternate OS on your existing system by plugging in a USB drive, very easy.  Don’t risk compromising your OS by installing an alternate system directly to your PC, test out the system first using a USB with the OS of your choosing.

Secure Your Data With Encryption and Self-Destruct Features

The data in a USB drive can vary considerably in regard to sensitivity, whether the drive has a capacity of 32 MB or 128 GB. In this digital world with extensive information and data  online, data leaks and online scams are commonplace, storing your sensitive information offline on a flash drive is one way to keep your data safe.  You can also encrypt your data and put in a few self-destruct features for an additional layer of protection. 

Make it the key for PCs and Apps

Who can deny being amazed at the technology shown in spy and action movies like James Bond ? With ongoing technological advancements even spies and superheroes continue to plug in USB drives to access high-security facilities or systems that store critical information.

Installing a free application from the Internet could make you feel like you are in your own  spy movie.  Using this application on the USB drive your PC will start automatically each time you plug in and the PC will lock itself when the USB is removed. 

Record a Life Backup for Emergencies

Do you have backup plans in place in case you ever lose all of your belongings in a natural disaster ? Not many people give this a thought until it is too late. Although you cannot do much about your material belongings, you can always ensure the safe keeping of all your critical digital documents by using a USB drive for backups.

Flash drives containing digital copies of all your important documents, including bank account information, statements, credit card details, legal papers, insurance papers, ID documents etc. can save a lot of time and inconvenience during natural disasters.

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